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More than 50 years of experience and passion

The main focus of Elcam is the distribution of electronic components and various hi-tech electrical motors series to be implemented in the industrial automation “niche” market in Italy.

Our mission is to offer innovative and customized products and solutions to all companies and to automatic machines manufacturers in particular.

The choice to serve “niche” markets has proven successful for more than 50 years and it has granted our small-medium company the possibility to achieve good results even in today's global and competitive market.

A close technical cooperation with our suppliers, combined with a constructive exchange and a continuous will to improve and learn, are the key to our success.
They are necessary to pursue our goal and they lay the basis for appropriate research and innovation activities.

This sales methodology requires a significant investment in terms of time and presence at the customer site and it is often rewarded by the production durability of the designed machine or installation.